[CTX] [ALL] HTTPCONF=nvserv parameter
nvserv:noauto | auto | alias | gen | none
-- default: HTTPCONF=nvserv:noauto
Automatically detects virtual servers in MOUNT parameters and notate each of them as a MOUNT rule to be applied only to a virtual server. It can be done manually by specifying "nvserv" MountOption for each MOUNT parameter. "nvserv:alias" means detecting target servers of host names with common IP-addresses and notate them as virtual servers. "nvserv:gen" means notating MOUNT parameters with "genvhost" MountOption as virtual servers. "nvserv:auto" is equivalent to "nvserv:alias,gen". The guessing can be overridden by explicitly specifying the avserv MountOption for each MOUNT parameter. "nvserv:none" disables any treatment of virtual servers which are detected automatically or specified explicitly by the "nvserv" MountOption.